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Firemen – Artfx Film


“Firemen” is an immersive film set at the end of the Gulf War in 1991, showcasing the bravery of George, an oil field firefighter. In a high-stakes situation, George faces the challenge of extinguishing 700 burning oil wells while his teammates become trapped behind a deadly wall of flames. The film blends intense action sequences with emotional depth, paying tribute to the real-life heroes who sacrifice everything to protect others.

Directed by Stanis Alvarez, Théo Grez, Albin Gueheneuc, Léo Kiner and Paul Charpentier

Firemen – Score Demo

Demo for the upcoming “Firemen” project for the film’s directors and scriptwriters. Sound research based on documentaries of the 1991 Gulf War and the famous Kuwait oil well fires.

Paloma – Award Winning Short Film

Noah, is in a state of grief after the death of his little sister Paloma. Caught with his feelings, he tries to find himself through writing a book. One evening, he receives a call from an old telephone he discovered in his attic.

Written and Directed by Loïc Viatte
Produced by Waview

Watchers – Artfx Film

Tom and his daughter Lily suffer from the death of Laura, his partner and her mother. She has become a Watcher, an inanimate person floating in the air above the population. But Tom cannot come to terms with her disappearance.

Directed by Nizar Anan, Léa-Marie-Lune Cloatre, Victor Jonnet, Henri Palumbo, Ludovic Sardain and Léo Serrano

What If – Award Winning Short Film

As Eloïse gets ready for a first show at an art gallery, OCD gets in the way of her dreams.

Written and Directed by Loïc Viatte
Produced by Waview

EVI132 – Doves In The Garden (Summer Collection 2021)

Directed and Edited by: WO Films
Art director: Ricow
Production Coordinator: Celeste Leal
Make-up artist : Brigida Ferracini
Casting by: Eleonora Latagliata
Models: Audrey Sinclair, Radja, Paola Formisano, Yungi, Andrea Rodriguez, Seob


All rights belong to their respective owners, for educational purpose only

Altered Carbon mixes many inspirations from different cultures, which leads to very interesting visuals, often close to religious frescoes. My approach is to mix a very dirty and unstable electronic atmosphere with the beauty of the orchestra with strings as the main element. The percussion brings rhythm and some Japanese ethnic instruments appear at certain key moments.

Westworld is a great source of inspiration for me, from the creation of atypical sound textures to the creepy and new sound design. The story at the centre combines themes that I feel very strongly about: the place of man in a world where believers have become gods, self-sufficient technology capable of feeling and thinking for itself, the role of politics and corruptions between multinationals and the importance of love as a motivator to do good.

The Spitfire Audio competition in partnership with the Westworld directors allowed me to explore the composition of action music in sync with the scenes and visual events. I favoured an intimate, dreamlike atmosphere at the beginning of the sequence, and then joined the end of the car chase with an orchestral tutti, discreetly using Wagner’s motifs on the bass and partially on the melody (the song “Rides of the Valkyries” is initially used in this sequence).

The BBC documentaries such as Blue Planet have always made me feel very emotional. The more the years went by, the more grandiose and rare the images became at the same time, which alerted me to the state of our environment and the impact of man on nature. Music has an important role to play in making things happen and raising awareness, finding a common ground for our species.

Exalt is the very first film I composed on to test my abilities to compose, orchestrate and create electronic sound textures for advertising. I was honoured at the age of 14 to be complimented by its creator Paul Mignot, an experienced and talented film director. These words touched me a lot and gave me the motivation to continue to create and undertake other projects