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I’m Liam Phan

Pianist, Music Producer and Film Composer
Liam Phan is a Swiss multi-instrumentalist, sound designer, and film composer.  His music combines pianos, strings, dense electronics, and percussions. He started his musical career by film scoring the awarded short film What If (2020), with 3 Best Original Score nominations, and later worked on Paloma (2021), Watchers (2022), Firemen (2023) and Echovalescence (2024)
Liam was born in 2000 and grew up in Geneva. There, he was influenced by a wide range of music, from classical and neoclassical to electronic. After discovering music composition at 8 years old in the film August Rush, he fell in love with the piano and the symphony orchestra.
He began jazz improvisation with his college professor, Moncef Genoud, and began to work on his album Equilibrium as his graduate work in 2018, with the precious help of his mentor and friend, the film composer Josué Vergara. Coming upon the beauty and the important role of film music, he opened himself to this art and the audio-visual field.
In 2019, he graduated from high school with an additional option in music and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Geneva three years later, and his master degree in Business Analytics in 2024.

Liam’s debut solo album, Entropy, is set to release on November 20, 2023. This neoclassical masterpiece showcases his captivating compositions, inviting listeners to embark on a profound and introspective musical journey.


Films, Series & Video Games Soundtrack

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Particles – 2023
Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Particles, the third single from the album Entropy. Explore a realm where delicate musical particles come together, creating a tapestry of sound. Let yourself get lost in the interplay of melodies and textures, as Particles unveils the intriguing depths within Entropy.
Grains – 2023
Embark on an enchanting journey with Grains, the captivating second single from the album Entropy. Delve into a realm where delicate musical particles intertwine, evoking a sense of beauty found within the subtlest details. Lose yourself in the intricate melodies and textures, as Grains unveils the mysterious allure of the broader musical landscape waiting to be explored within Entropy.
Inertia – 2023
Discover the captivating lead single, Inertia from the album Entropy. This evocative track sets the introspective tone for the transformative journey that awaits within the album’s eight mesmerizing tracks. Immerse yourself in the delicate balance between stillness and motion, as Inertia weaves together delicate piano and strings to create a profound and emotive musical experience.
Near (Piano Rework) – 2023

A new version of Near from the Original Paloma Soundtrack, Near (Piano Rework) is a new composition using only the piano as the main instrument and transforming this instrument through modular synthesizers. Reinforced by a synth bass (by the 40 year old Korg MS10), this composition is as much a solo as it is a cinematic and minimalist piece.

Kernel – 2022

Kernel is the first single composed by Liam Phan. Initially conceived as a piano only piece, Kernel gradually became a mixture of several different styles, taking classical and neo-classical as its basic genre, and then moving towards a more energetic and electronic piece, seeking to make the auditory experience close to soundtracks composed for movie or series introductions. This single was thought from the start to be created with a video clip, presenting its artist as ambivalent in his compositional style and also open to experimentation in music. Kernel is also in computer science the kernel of an operating system, from Ker in mathematics. Also used in biology, Kernel is a single that symbolises the essence and starting point for its composer.



Entropy – 2023
Entropy explores the fundamental concept that defines the measure of disorder or randomness within a system. Through this album, the compositions delve into the behavior and energy changes observed in a wide range of systems, from the simple to the intricately complex. Guided by this concept, the pieces within Entropy seek to capture the piano’s inherent randomness by employing techniques that involve playing and manipulating the sounds through probabilistic processes. The album strikes a balance between well-ordered compositions and those that border on chaos, reflecting the interplay between order and disorder.


Firemen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 2023

“Firemen” is an immersive film set at the end of the Gulf War in 1991, showcasing the bravery of George, an oil field firefighter. In a high-stakes situation, George faces the challenge of extinguishing 700 burning oil wells while his teammates become trapped behind a deadly wall of flames. The film blends intense action sequences with emotional depth, paying tribute to the real-life heroes who sacrifice everything to protect others.

Paloma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 2022

Noah is in a state of grief after the death of his little sister Paloma. Caught with his feelings, he tries to find himself by writing a book. One evening, he receives a call from an old telephone he discovered in his attic.

Watchers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 2022

Tom and his daughter Lily suffer from the death of Laura, his partner, and her mother. She has become a Watcher, an inanimate person floating in the air above the population. But Tom cannot come to terms with her disappearance.

What If (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 2021

As Eloïse gets ready for the first show at an art gallery, OCD gets in the way of her dreams.

Sandstone – 2021

Inspired by the natural, rocky, volcanic, and poetic environment of New Zealand, Sandstone is a work dedicated to film music and short trailers. The short format of the tracks is thus thought for all audiovisual projects requiring a strong impact in a limited time.

See (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – 2020

Satya, an asthmatic, lives in a society in which the government uses technology to transform the reality of the inhabitants to create an illusion of Utopia. Her choices are controlled by a chip on the back of her neck, but she doesn’t know it. One day her chip has a problem and it goes off. She then “wakes up” and realises her conditioning.



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